Program objective

Assess how local factors influence different health care markets.

The challenge

The cost and quality of health care can vary greatly by community. Sometimes the reasons for the differences are clear. But often they’re not. Insights on these factors could inform more effective services. 

Searching for insights that might lead to more consistency in care across markets, OptumLabs® dug into data related to local health care ecosystems. How could we understand the headwinds individuals may face in achieving their preferred outcomes? 

Our role

A richer picture emerges when an employer can zero in on local variations in cost and care — allowing the organization to adjust programs for local employees’ needs. For OptumLabs, it’s an innovative approach that fits with our focus — data analysis put into action. 

Infographic of national view of geographic variation

National view of geographic variation provides an example measure.

screenshot of detailed analysis

Deep-dive into a specific region or city for detailed analysis.

Insights from analyzing community health data help employers, government and health organizations make better decisions at the local level.

– Sanji Fernando, Vice President, Head of OptumLabs Center for Applied Data Science