Partner with OptumLabs

When you join OptumLabs, you're part of something bigger than what you can do alone. You are joining forces with other organizations that are passionate about collaborating to address health care's biggest challenges in a pre-competitive environment. And because you're tackling these goals together, you can achieve greater, more effective solutions and do it faster than ever before.  


Whether you wish to contribute data, insights or health care expertise, there are many ways to engage with OptumLabs to develop and advance your strategic research, innovation and translation agenda:

  • Constellation sponsors collaborate with other partners to work on a set of interrelated research, translation and innovation projects designed around a specific theme that represents a major health care issue or disease such as cancer prevention, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and dementia, heart disease and more.
  • Strategic thought leaders contribute scientific and subject-matter expertise to guide the activities of OptumLabs — ranging from input on the strategic research direction as a member of our Scientific Advisory Board or Innovation Council to the review of research applications as a member of the Research Review Committee.
  • Research partners conduct pre-competitive research with OptumLabs data, and/or participate in translation opportunities in collaboration with other thought-leading partners.
  • Innovation partners develop methods to accelerate advancements in patient care in a pre-commercial setting with other innovation champions in the OptumLabs collaborative.
  • Strategic data contributors provide data to help partners tackle big problems in health care. (All data are de-identified prior to use at OptumLabs.)

“OptumLabs will allow us to answer questions that we’ve never been able to ask before.”

— Debra Whitman, PhD, chief public policy officer, Policy, Strategy and International Affairs, AARP