Christopher Hane, PhD

Vice President of Data Science


Christopher Hane, PhD, is vice president of data science at OptumLabs.

Prior to this role, Hane served in multiple roles as an innovator in Optum®. His teams have led new big data technical solutions, deployed models for disease onset and developed novel methods for understanding complex populations.

Before that, Hane led product strategy for optimization solutions in supply chain products. He was CTO at CAPS Logistics, whose solutions were used across the Fortune 500 for network and transportation optimization.

Hane holds the titles of distinguished engineer and senior inventor for his contributions to machine learning and artificial intelligence at Optum. He has won multiple awards for his data science work at UnitedHealth Group. He has also filed a number of patents and been awarded one for machine learning.

Hane received an undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University and a PhD in industrial engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.